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This page show the command line option for CSpell.

shell>CSpell -h

  cSpell [options]

  Consumer Spelling Correction Tool.

  -ci      Print configuration information.
  -d       Turn on debug mode.
  -f:nd    Set function to non-dictionary.
  -f:nw    Set function to non-word.
  -f:rw    Set function to real-word (default).
  -f:h     Print function help information.
  -h       Print program help information (this is it).
  -hs      Print option's hierarchy structure.
  -i:STR   Specify input file name.  The default is screen input.
  -mcn:INT Specify Max. candidate no.
  -o:STR   Specify output file name.  The default is screen output.
  -p       Show the prompt. The default is no prompt.
  -r:h     Print NW-1To1 ranking help information.
  -si      Show input text.
  -t       Show token operations.
  -v       Print the version of cSpell.
  -x:STR   Loading an alternative configuration file.

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