What is new?

The current version of LexAccess is the enhanced version of the first Java LexAccess (2005)! LexAccess uses UTF-8 as the default encoding format and integrated with the latest Xml tags format with Xml schemas, which ran in JAXB, since 2007. The lagt (LexAccess GUI Tool) is added to the LexAccess package in 2010 release. Main features in this version are summarized as below:


Two packages:
  • lexAccess2011: the completed lexAccess package,
  • lexAccess2011lite: the min. package to run lexAccess.


All software components in Lexical family moved to UTF-8.


Embedded databases:
  • HSqlDb (default)

GUI Tools

Provides LexAccess GUI tool

Web Tools

Provides LexAccess Web tools

Software QA

  • Testing suite for unit test on all lexAccess options
  • Performance tests on HSqlDb