LexAccess Web Site Deployment Procedures

This page describes steps for deploy LexAccess web site/tool to developing and testing site (lexlx1 and lexdev).

  • Install LexAccess
    • Download LexAccess package (lexAccess${YEAR}.tgz) from lexlx1 to:
      1. /${PROJECTS}/LA/
      2. /net/lexdev/${PROJECTS}/LA/
    • Unpack
    • Install
    • Test

  • Develop LexAccess Web Tool
    • copy from the previous year, WebLexAccess.${PREV_YEAR}
    • Update ${WEB_LEXACCESS}/web/WEB-INF/web.xml* (${PREV_YEAR} -> ${YEAR})
    • Update ${WEB_LEXACCESS}/web/html/releases.html (add ${YEAR})
    • Update ${WEB_LEXACCESS}/build.xml (${PREV_YEAR} -> ${YEAR})
    • Update jar file under ${WEB_LEXACCESS}/web/WEB-INF/lib
      • lexAccess${year}dist.jar
      • lvg${year}api.jar
      • lexCheck2011api.jar
    • ant clean
    • ant deploy

  • Deploy LexAccess Documents Site
    • cd ${APACHE}/lexAccess/${YEAR}
    • Pack:
      shell> gtar -czvf ${YEAR}.tgz ${YEAR}
    • Use sftp to copy ${YEAR}.tgz to destination, lexdev1, lexsrv2, lexsrv3
    • Change ${YEAR} home URL ${APACHE}/lexAccess/index.html
    • Change web-tool URL ${APACHE}/lexAccess/${YEAR}/web/menu.html

  • Deploy LexAccess Web tool
      • cd ${TOMCAT}/webapps/
      • Pack:
        shell> gtar -czvf WebLexAccess.{YEAR}.tgz WebLexAccess.${YEAR}
      • Use sftp to copy WebLexAccess.${YEAR}.tgz to destination, lexdev1, lexsrv2, lexsrv3
      • Change configFile in WebLexAccess.${YEAR}/WEB-INF/web.xml