Frequently Asked Questions

(Please read before asking a question)

  • How can I ask a question?
    See Contact Us

  • What is the difference between lexAccess2012 and lexAccess2012lite?
    See lexAccessLite documents

  • Can lexAccess run in pure ASCII?
    Yes, please Contact Us if you need pure ASCII LexAccess

  • Can we use other database instead of HSqlDb for Java version LexAccess tool?
    Yes, all types of database can be used with LexAccess as long as there is a JDBC connector for it. MySql database is used as an example for illustration. Please refer to Installing MySql database option for details. In 2008, we also tested JavaDb (Apache Derby 10.3) as an embedded database for lexAccess. The output is the same as HSqlDb's with much slower performance.

  • How to specify port number when using MySql database?
    The default port number of MySql is 3306. If your MySql database server runs on different port number, all you need to do is to specify the port number after hostname (Ex. localhost:3307) during the LVG installation.

  • How do we use LexAccess tools APIs?
    Please refer to LexAccess Tools APIS for details.

  • Are there any scripts that we can use to run lexAccess?
    Yes, the script of lexAccess are provided under "$LEXACCESS_DIR/bin/". This directory includes scripts for UNIX and batch files for Windows.

  • Does lexAccess provides GUI tools?
    Yes, two lexAccess GUI tools are provided: