LexAccess WebSite Annual Update

Software Build Steps

This page describes steps for annually website updates (after completing Db)

I. Complete DB
Update Db from the latest Lexicon

II. Update DB to ${PROJECT_LA}

  • Add HSqlDb.${YEAR} to ${PROJECT_LA}/laData
  • Add HSqlDb.${YEAR}ASCII to ${PROJECT_LA}/laData
  • link ./HSqlDb.${YEAR} HSqlDb

III. Re-Configure Software ${PROJECT_LA}

  • Add links of HSqlDb.${YEAR} and HSqlDb.${YEAR}ASCII in ${PROJECT_LA}/data/
  • Update following parameters in ${PROJECT_LA}/data/config/lexAccess.properties
    • DB_NAME=lexAccess${YEAR}

IV. Web Page

  • Update ${YEAR} on:
    • ${WEB_LA}/2013+/Home/banner*.html (only needed if there is an updates)
    • ${WEB_LA}/2013+/web/index.html (only needed if there is an updates)
  • Update Database:
    • add info on ${WEB_LA}/2013+/web/download.html
    • add HSqlDb.${YEAR}.tgz & HSqlDb.${YEAR}ASCII.tgz on ${WEB_LA}/2013/release/laData
  • Re-build index file in FDSE

V. Web Tools

  • copy WebLexAccess.${PREV_RELEASE} WebLexAccess.${RELEASE}
  • Update Lexicon DB in ${WEB_LA_W_TOOL}/WEB-INF/lexiconFile:
    • add ${YEAR}
    • add ${YEAR}ASCII
  • Update ${WEB_LA_W_TOOL}/WEB-INF/web.xml:
    • lexAccessVersion
    • lexAccessHomeUrl
    • lexAccessHomeDir
    • lexiconFile