• LexAccess
  • Java 7.0, UTF-8
  • , 2013+ Release:

A lexical access tool in the SPECIALIST Lexicon family is available. This tool is called LexAccess. LexAccess provides access to information from the SPECIALIST lexicon. This tool is developed and released in Java since 2003 to integrate with the database in the new LexBuild system to provide the lexical-lookup capabilities not currently included within the lexical tools. Both plain text and XML formats of lexical records are available in LexAccess. The LexAccess GUI Tool (lagt) is added to the LexAccess package after 2012 release. A new feature is added in 2013 release to support access to different releases of Lexicon data from 2003, including UTF-8 and ASCII.

A centralized web-based tool, LexBuild, was developed to build the SPECIALIST Lexicon in 2004. With features of the new LexBuild system, the Lexical Systems Group is able to provide the latest data of the SPECIALIST LEXICON. LexAccess is developed to integrate with LexBuild and provide the access to the information from the SPECIALIST lexicon.

LexAccess takes various query options and returns lexical records. Both plain text and XML format of lexical records are available in LexAccess. The definition of plain text syntax and XML specifications are defined in the related development project, LexCheck, in Lexicon family.

Both versions of lexAccess and lexAccess lite are provided since 2006. In 2008, lexAccess provides two embedded databases, HSqlDb and JavaDB. The performance of HSqlDB is much faster than JavaDb and is used as the default Db. In 2009, only HSqlDb is provided due to the performance reason.