Release Notes

These release notes summarize new features enhancements and bugs fixes for the latest releases of LexCheck Java, UTF-8, 2013+. The LexCheck are developed in pure Java, capable of handling UTF-8, and integrated with the latest Xml tags format with Xml schemas, which ran in JAXB since 2006.


  • Latest release: 2016
  • Distributed with 2 jar files: lexCheck2016api.jar and lexCheck2016dist.jar
  • Distributed with JRE
  • Use UFT-8 as default IO format
  • Provides options configurable by the Configuration file

Tool Programs

Latest Updates

Feature Enhancements

  • Check double pipes with empty data (||) in nom, acr, abb
  • Check ASCII citation (must be the only base form)
  • Added build and release information
  • Change prepositions (for pphr) to read from file (generate from latest LEXICON)
  • Check duplicated terms
  • Added release format conversion (without signature and annotation)
  • Allow multiple trademark
  • Added configuration options
  • Added contents validations
  • Added installation program/options
  • Added new API class, ToInflVarsApi
  • Use UTF-8
  • Provide configurable indents by configuration file
  • Provide more options for I/O
  • Provide options to add Xml header

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed compile warning of using wrong lvg jar file (lvg2011Api.jar)
  • Fixed bug of single character base form
  • Fixed bug of not cleaning stative in adjectives
  • Fixed bug of numeric entity conversion error
  • Changed the order of attributes in infleVars tags
  • Changed adj position tag to empty tag
  • Changed pron gender tag to empty tag
  • Changed BroadNegative to broad_negative for adv
  • Corrected indent problems