Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How many command line tools are included in lexCheck?
    Following command line tool under "$LEXCHECK_DIR/bin":

  • Do I need to install lexCheck just using LexCheck Java APIs?
    The answer is "No".

    The installation program does the following:

    • Generate the configuration file, $LC_DIR/data/config/
    • Generate six scripts programs as shown above

    Accordingly, if you don't need to change the configuration and run the script programs, you don't need to install lexCheck. You will only need to include lexCheck${YEAR}dist.jar in your java classpath.

  • What is the differences between lexCheck${YEAR}dist.jar and lexCheck${YEAR}api.jar?

    lexCheck${YEAR}dist.jar includes:

    • all Java APIs classes of LexCheck
    • all Java APIs classes of ./lib/Other/lvg${YEAR}api.jar
    • all Java APIs classes of ./lib/Other/xml4j_1_1_9.jar

    lexCheck${YEAR}api.jar includes:
    • all Java APIs classes of LexCheck
    Also, the MANIFEST.MF inlcudes Class-Path of Other/lvg${YEAR}api.jar. So, lexCheck is able to run with -classpath lexCheck${YEAR}api.jar as long as Other/lvg${YEAR}api.jar exists