• LexCheck
  • Java, UTF-8
  • , 2013+ (since 2004):

LexCheck is a software package to check/validate the syntax and contents of Lexical record(s) in the LEXICON based on the technical report of "The SPECIALIST LEXICON". It was original developed in C. In 2003, the first Java version was released. The Java version of LexCheck provides command line tools as well as Java APIs.

The Java version of LexCheck checks both syntax and content from a flat file (LEXICON). In addition, it provides features of converting lexical records among forms of text, Xml, and Java objects. It also provides features to generate inflection variants from lexical records. In 2005, LexCheck is added the capability of handling UTF-8 lexical records. In 2013, cross-reference check is added in the LexCheck.

LexCheck is used as post-process when LEXICON is released annually. It is also integrated in LexBuild to ensure the quality of lexical records on real-time. It is also used in UMLS-KS server to access lexical records. As a matter of fact, LexCheck is one of the important and fundamental software components in the Lexical Systems family.

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