Install lvg for UMLSKS Group

UMLSKS group (Karen and Anantha) are Lexical Tools users. The Lexical tool group installs lvg for this group once every year for the new release of UMLS-KS. Usually, there are three computers (1 on-line, 2 backup) need to be installed.

  1. Install Database servers (MySql) if it is not exist.

  2. The installation directory:
    • "/net/umlsks1/export/u04/lex/2002"
    • "/net/umlsks5/export/u04/lex/2002"
    • "/net/umlsks6/export/u04/lex/2002"

  3. Lvg${YEAR} Installation:
    • ftp the latest version to the destination (lvg${YEAR}.tar.gz)
    • unzip and untar it (> gunzip -c lvg${YEAR}.tar.gz | tar xvf -)
    • run the installation script (> ./install/bin/