Nominalization Tables

  • Tables:

    eui1CHAR(8)NOT NULLEUI: Unique ID 1
    nomTerm1CHAR(70)Index key Nominalization term 1
    cat 1INT Category
    eui2CHAR(8)NOT NULLEUI: Unique ID 2
    nomTerm2CHAR(70)Index key Nominalization term 2
    cat 2INT Category

    The maximum length for nomTerm1 is 69. We use CHAR(70) for this column.
    The maximum length for nomTerm2 is 68. We use CHAR(70) for this column.

  • SQL Examples:

    • Find mapping lexicon terms for "XXX"
      1. SELECT nomTerm2 FROM Nominalization WHERE nomTerm1 = "xxx"
      2. SELECT nomTerm1 FROM Nominalization WHERE nomTerm2 = "xxx"