Add/Evaluate SD-Rules

This session describes how to add/evaluate a Sd-Rule. Once this step is done, an optimized Sd-Rules set needs to be derived as the next step.

  • Sd-Rules sources:

    The Sd-Rules come from 1). Original Sd-Rules 2). Derived from high frequency nomD-Pairs 3). Suggested by users

  • Processes:
    • BIN_DIR: ${SUFFIX_D_DIR}/bin
    • Check duplication, parents, child rules:
      shell> cd ${BIN_DIR}
      shell> GetSdRule {YEAR}
      SD_YEAR (2014)
      TEST_RULE (es$|noun|ic$|noun)

      * Must set up following data to run above:
      • ${HOME_DIR}/data/${YEAR}/dataOrg/*
      • ${HOME_DIR}/data/${YEAR}/dataR/SdRulesCheck/*
    • Get the SD-pairs list:
    • Tag the associated SD-pair list:
      • Auto-tag
      • Manual-tag

  • Add/Evaluate Sd-Rules log