Processes in Lexical GUI Tool

The core part of lexical processes in the GUI tool utilizes the Lvg.2002 Java API. An instance object of the class LvgLexItemApi( ) is instantiated in LvgGlobal. In addition, an instance object of LvgCommand( ) is also used to keep track of the lvg command String. The processes are described as follows:

  • Input:
    • Read input from screen/file.
    • SetNormLuiNormWordInd( ) to set output fields for Norm, LuiNorm, and WordInd.
    • SetLexItem( ) to apply input filter options.

  • Mutate:
    • LvgGlobal.LvgMutate( ) to perform lexical processes for different (four) input/output scenarios.
    • Uses SetOption( ) to set lvg command string.
    • Uses ProcessLexItem( ) to mutate.

  • Outputs:
    • Update output in a String and in a Vector of Strings from the output LexItems. This includes applying output filter options to the results.

  • Lvg Command String:
    • Lvg Command String is used to mutate the lexical process. This is used for lvg, Norm, luiNorm, and WordInd.
    • The input filter option, flow specific options, and output filter options are kept in the lvg command String. However, it doesn't work through the Mutate. Additional actions are taken for these options.