Lexical Tools Deployment

I. Deployment types:

  • Lvg build (software): Lexical tools are built continuously on regularly base. It includes bugs fixes and features enhancements.
  • Annual release (data): Lexical tools are released annually.
  • Web site document: Design documents and user documents are updated on the web site continuously.
  • Web Tool: updated when it is needed for the new build.
  • GUI Tool: updated when it is needed for the new build.

II. Annual schedule (coordinate with OCCS):

  • June, 30:
    Freeze Lexicon. Lexical Systems Group generates all Lexicon tables and database tables for lvg based on this frozen Lexicon. This is the starting point of lvg annual release. No action is need for OCCS.
  • July, 15:
    Lexical Systems Group will need the latest snapshot of atoms.data from OCCS. This file is used to generate Canonical table in luiNorm. This file is generated by LSG since 2014+ releases.
  • September, 30:
    Lexical Systems Group will deliver the testing version of lvg${YEAR}.tgz to OCCS for testing purpose. This version includes the latest software and data for ${YEAR}. We will not change anything on lvg unless something is really bad and critical found during the test (which have not been the case in the past).
  • November, 01:
    OCCS (or Brian?) will send Lexical Systems Group the lui assignment reports (merge.rpt, splite.rpt, splite_merge.rpt) based on the testing version of Lvg${YEAR}.tgz. Lexical Systems Group will analyze the report to ensure lui assignment.
  • December, 01:
    Lexical Systems Group will deliver the final official release, LEX.tgz, to OCCS. This file is the final official release to go into UMLS 2008 AA release. It includes lvg (with complete documents) and the SPECIALIST LEXICON.

III. Main processes: