Acronyms & Abbreviations

  • Acronyms and abbreviations:

    acronym_of=citation form*acronym_of=cause of death
    citation form|EUI ac:
    abbreviation_of=citation form*abbreviation_of=cycles per minute
    citation form|EUI ac:

* Please note that the cross referencing terms may not have an EUI because:

  • LEXICON does not include all terms in the world (even we try to)
  • Sometimes, the only use you see for a phrase is as the acronym/abbreviation expansion, and when even that usage is not particularly common. We have decided against records for such phrases.
  • Sometimes, the expansion includes not just the base, but also a complement (often a prep. phrase). So, for example, one expansion for COD is "cause of death", which does not (and should not) have its own record.