Lexical Tools Build Procedures

Software Release Steps

This page describes release steps for a new build with same set of lexicon data. A new build could be released as needed from days to days or weeks to weeks.

  • Complete Tests on
    1. norm
    2. luiNorm
    3. wordInd
    4. lvg
    5. lgt

  • Prepare Software

    Compile all lvg Java source codes
    shell> cd ${LVG_DIR}
    shell> ant cleaner
    shell> ant lvg
    shell> ant all
    shell> ant cleaner

  • Prepare Documents

    1. copy design document and user manual from web servers
      shell> cd ${LVG_DIR}/docs
      shell> run updateDoc

    2. Post document to umlslex web site
      shell> cd /aux3/www/apache/docs/lvg
      shell> run DeployLvgWeb
      • Change the URL to "http://umlslex.nlm.nih.gov/lvg/2005/index.html" in file of "/net/cgsb4/aux3/www/apache/docs/umlslex/lvg/index.html".
      • Change the URL of web tool to "http://umlslex.nlm.nih.gov/webapps" in file of "/net/cgsb4/aux3/www/apache/docs/umlslex/lvg/2005/web/menu.html".

  • Pack & Post Software

      shell> gtar -czvf lvg${YEAR}.tgz lvg${YEAR}
      (shell> gtar -xzvf lvg${YEAR}.tgz)

    1. Date, Post and backup lvg.${YEAR}
      shell> cp lvg${YEAR}.tgz /aux6/Archive/LvgReleases/${YEAR}/lvg${YEAR}.mmddyy.tgz
      shell> rm /aux3/www/apache/docs/lvg/${YEAR}/release/lvg${YEAR}.tgz
      shell> mv lvg${YEAR}.tgz /aux3/www/apache/docs/lvg/${YEAR}/release/.

      shell> gtar -czvf lvg${YEAR}.tgz lvg${YEAR}