Generate Uninflected Spelling Variants

  • Short Description: Generate known uninflected form spelling variants.

  • Full Description:

    This flow component returns the uninflected spelling variants (citation form).

    The results are sorted twice. First, sort spelling variants and then sort uninflected terms.

    The -m option returns the EUI for the uninflected form in the specific category.

  • Difference:
    1. The table in database has been changed. Accordingly, results are different. The main difference is that uninflected form is separated from infinitive, present, positive, etc.

    2. The result in C version concatenates categories if the output terms are the same. In other words, one output may include several categories. Thus, EUI is not unique if -m option is used.

    3. The -m option may not find the EUI since GetEui is case sensitive by uninflected term (need one more field of uninflected term in DB).

  • Features:
    1. Generate the uninflected form for all spelling variants.

  • Symbol: e

  • Examples:
    shell> lvg -f:e -m
    More examples

  • Implementation Logic:
    1. Generate spelling variants (first sort).
    2. Uninflect all spelling variants (second sort).
    3. Retrieve EUI for each uninflected form of all spelling variants.
    4. Remove duplicated output LexItems

  • Source Code:

  • Hierarchy: Object -> Transformation -> ToBaseSpellingVariants