• Lexical Tools
  • Java 6.0, UTF-8
  • , 2012 Release:


Lexical Tools is a set of fundamental core NLP tools for retrieving lexical variants. Functions (flow components) include retrieving inflectional variants, uninflectional forms, spelling variants, derivational variants, synonyms, fruitful variants, normalization, UTF-8 to ASCII conversion, lowercase, etc.. There are over 62 flow components and 37 options offered in this tools set.

This release includes the latest data integration from The SPECIALIST Lexicon along with completion of software change requests (SCRs). They are briefly described as follows. Please refer to release notes and what is new page for details.

Feature Enhancements & Bugs Fixes

  • Distributed both Full version and Lite version of lvg.2012
  • Distributed with JRE, 1.6.0_26
  • Distributed with HSqlDb 2.2.5 (HyperSonic SQL DB)
  • Distributed with ICU4J 4.8.1 (International Components for Unicode)

  • Integrated with data from The SPECIALIST Lexicon, 2012
  • Enhanced derivations related flow components:
    • zero derivations in LEXICON
    • prefixes in LEXICON
    • suffixes: from nominalization in LEXICON
  • Updated synonyms table (facts) and enhanced symmetric issues
  • Add EUI to mutate information of inflectional flows
  • Add title, vendor, build information in manifest.mf
  • Add LexItem.ToString( ) method