ToAscii System Options

Convert text to ASCII line by line. This process involves convert Unicode symbols, characters, diacritic, and ligatures to ASCII. Also, it strips non-mapped non-ASCII characters at the end. Specifically, this toAscii is the lvg flow options -f:q7:q8. That is,

  • Unicode Core Norm (-f:q7)
    • map Unicode symbols and punctuation to ASCII
    • map Unicode to ASCII
    • split ligatures
    • strip diacritics
  • then strip or map non-ASCII Unicode characters (-f:q8)

This page lists all system options for toAscii programs

FlagFeature Descriptions
Input Filter Options:
Global Behavior Options:
ci Print configuration information of toAscii.
d Print details information of toAscii conversion.
h Print program help information.
hs Print option's hierarchy structure.
i:STR Define input file name. The default is standard input.
o:STR Define output file name. The default is standard output.
p Show the prompt. The default is no prompt.
v Return the current version identification of toAscii.
x:STR Loading an alternative configuration file.
Output Filter Options:
pio Preserve and display input and output terms
n Return a "-No Output-" message when an input produces no output.


  • shell> toAscii
    Read data from file ( line by line, convert to ASCII, and send ASCII output to file,
  • shell> toAscii -n ™ -No Output-
  • shell> toAscii -ci LVG_DIR: [/Projects/lvg2013/] DB_TYPE: [HSQLDB] DB_NAME: [lvg2013]
  • shell> toAscii -v toAscii.2013
  • shell> toAscii -p - Please input a term (type "Ctl-d" to quit) > Evolène ©2002 Evolene 2002
  • shell> toAscii -pio Déjà Vu Input: Déjà Vu ASCII: Deja Vu
  • shell> toAscii
    Use an alternative configuration file,