LVG (Command Line Interface)

I. Command Line Syntax

The command line syntax of this release is redesigned. It is simple, generic, and systematic. It is easier for users to remember and understand the syntax. It is also easier for developers to implement and maintain the software. In addition, it provides more flexibility on naming the option flags

All system options are mapped to a hierarchical structure. Separators are used between levels of options. Currently, five separators are used in this syntax. They are:

1st Layer "-"
2nd Layer ":"
3rd Layer "~"
4th Layer "#"
5th Layer "$"

The generic form of this syntax is:
Java lvg options

where a option is: -level1:level2~level3 ...

Please refer to LVG Command Line Syntax for details.

II. LVG System options

There are five types of options in lvg.

III. Run

  • This command line lvg tool is located under $LVG_DIR/bin/
  • To see the help menu: lvg -h
  • To see the flow options menu: lvg -f:h
  • To run it: lvg [options]

  • If you don't use provided script to run lvg, you might need to allocate 48M of memory to run it. In addition, you may remove the Instant DB banner. In other words, use command java -Xms48 -Xmx48 -DnoBanner=1 instead of java.