Fields System Options

Cut out and/or rearrange field(s) from input. This process includes:

  • filter out field(s)
  • rearrange field(s)

from input and then send to output.

This page lists all system options for fields programs

FlagFeature Descriptions
Input Filter Options:
Global Behavior Options:
h Print program help information.
hs Print option's hierarchy structure.
i:STR Define input file name. The default is standard input.
o:STR Define output file name. The default is standard output.
p Show the prompt. The default is no prompt.
s:STR Defines a field separator.
v Return the current version identification of fields.
Output Filter Options:
F:INT Specified the field for output to display.


  • shell> fields
    Read data from file ( line by line, and send output to file,
  • shell> fields -v fields.2013
  • shell> fields -F:3:1 -p - Please input a term (type "Ctl-d" to quit) > Field 1|F-2|field 3|f-4 field 3|Field 1