What is lvg Lite?

lvg${YEAR}lite is the lighter version of lvg${YEAR}. It removes source codes, original data, installation programs, database loading programs, and documentation from lvg. In other words, it only includes the minimum required files (as show below) to run lvg.

- lvg${YEAR}lite
+- bin/fields
+- bin/lgt
+- bin/luiNorm
+- bin/lvg
+- bin/norm
+- bin/toAscii
+- bin/wordInd
+- data/config/lvg.properties
+- data/config/HSqlDb/lvg${YEAR}.backup
+- data/config/HSqlDb/lvg${YEAR}.data
+- data/config/HSqlDb/lvg${YEAR}.properties
+- data/config/HSqlDb/lvg${YEAR}.script
+- data/config/misc/conjunctionWord.data
+- data/config/misc/nonInfoWords.data
+- data/config/misc/removeS.data
+- data/config/misc/stopWords.data
+- data/config/rules/dm.rul
+- data/config/rules/im.rul
+- data/config/rules/plural.rul
+- data/config/rules/verbinfl.rul
+- data/config/Unicode/diacriticMap.data
+- data/config/Unicode/ligatureMap.data
+- data/config/Unicode/nonStripMap.data
+- data/config/Unicode/symbolMap.data
+- data/config/Unicode/synonymMap.data
+- data/config/Unicode/unicodeMap.data
+- lib/lvg${YEAR}dist.jar

Users are able to run fields, lgt, luiNorm, lvg, norm, toAscii, wordInd or use lexical tools API Java classes without installing lvg by using lvg${YEAR}lite. Below are the procedures:
  • Download lvg lite from lvg web site
  • unpack lvg${YEAR}lite.tgz
    shell>gtar -xzvf lvg${YEAR}lite.tgz
  • run norm (or other) scripts (can't be double click in Window)
    shell> cd lvg${YEAR}lite
    shell> ./bin/norm -p
  • Use lvg Java APIs
    Same as in the full package. Make sure:
    • jar file:
      • classpath must include ./lib/lvg${YEAR}dist.jar for all required java classes
    • config file:
      • classpath must include the path of lvg${YEAR}lite (for the default configuration file, lvg.properties)
      • use -x:config option to specify the designated configuration file
    • config properties:
      Configurable properties are very important to run lvg. Such as LVG_DIR represents top directory of lvg and must be specified before lvg run. There are three ways to specify:
      • Run lvg from the top directory of lvg by using AUTO_MODE in configuration file
      • Specify the path (absolute or relative) of LVG_DIR in configuration file
      • Use lvg APIs constructor with overwriting feature to overwrite LVG_DIR (from configuration file)