• Lgt (Lexical Gui Tool)
  • Java


Lvg Gui Tools (lgt) is a suite of utilities that can generate, transform, and filter lexical variants from the given input. This tool contains lvg, norm, luiNorm, and wordInd with providing graphic user interfaces. Lgt is developed in Java Swing and run on Java supported platforms.

The detail design, usage of graphic user interface pages, and other issues are documents on Design Documents


Follow the installation instructions to install lexical tool and run lvg program. Check the following items only if you don't use the provided script to install the Lexical tools.

    1. include Lexical tools distribution jar file, ${LVG_DIR}/lib/lvg${YEAR}dist.jar, in your CLASSPATH
    2. include lvg top directory, ${LVG_DIR}, in your CLASSPATH

  • Database: use the default Db, HSqlDb or your own DB (requires tables reloaded).

  • Configuration File: assign the full path of the top directory of lvg${YEAR} to a variable named LVG_DIR in configuration file, ${LVG_DIR}/data/config/lvg.properties.

Test Run