What is new?

The lexical tools (2014) are built in Java with integration of HyperSonic SQL database (2.3.0) and International Component for Unicode (ICU4J 51.2). New major features are described as follows:


  • Distributed both Full version and Lite versions of lvg.2014
  • Distributed with JRE, 1.7.0_40
  • Distributed with HSqlDb 2.3.0 (HyperSonic SQL DB)
  • Distributed with ICU4J 51.2 (International Components for Unicode)

  • Integrated with data from The SPECIALIST Lexicon, 2014


  • Lexical tools 2014 release uses HyperSonic SQL database (2.3.0) as default DB (for handling Unicode characters). Please make sure the database server is capable of handling Unicode if you use other DB.

Flow components & Options

  • Updated derivation related features
    • Add 63 new prefixes to generate more comprehensive prefixD pairs
    • Add dPairs from verified original Facts in previous Lexical Tools derivational table
    • Use optimized set of SD-Rules as default SD-Rules in Trie to reach above 95% of precision and recall rate
    • Bugs fixes of categories (part of speech) in derivations DB