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  • , 2011:

Software Change Request Tool (SCRT) was initiated by the request of Dr. McCray in 1999 for UMLS-KS project. SCRT was developed in CGI (prototype), Java Servlets (V1.0), and JSP (2004). Currently, SCRT is used as a tool to support and ease SCRs (software change requests) procedures for more than 17 projects and 30 users.

The theoretical concept is evolved in the field of the software development - "configuration management" (CM) and "Software maintenance". SCRs include defects (problems) and features (enhancements). Defects and features mean corrective maintenance and perfective maintenance in the software development life-cycle. All software development projects shall generate and review problem reports/defects in a consistent manner to ensure resolution of system anomalies. SCRT is a tool to provide a mechanism for monitoring, managing, and controlling SCRs. In other words, SCRT is a living document for SCR review and assessment.

SCRT is designed for all SD projects of CgSB at NLM to use for reporting, monitoring, and managing software change. All NLM users are welcome to use this tool.