Configuration Setup

This version of STMT Java provides users choices of different set up options through the configuration file. The default configuration files are at directory of ${STMT_DIR}/data/Config/. They are:

  • used in lsf
  • used in smt
  • used in stmt, mt, nt

  • used in lsf, smt, stmt, mt, nt
    Please refer to Lexical Tool documents for details.

The variables used in the configuration file are listed in the following table. "Relative path" refers to the path relative to STMT top directory, ${ROOT_DIR}.

I. Configuration variables

Variable NamesDescriptions Variable Values
STMT Variables
ROOT_DIR the absolute path of the installed STMT directory
  • /Projects/STMT/stmt${YEAR}
  • d:/Projects/STMT/stmt${YEAR}/
  • the absolute or relative (to ROOT_DIR) path of synonym file
  • first field (key) is used for corpus
  • used in synonym substitutions
  • /Projects/STMT/stmt${YEAR}/data/tables/
  • data/tables/
  • the absolute or relative (to ROOT_DIR) path of corpus file
  • this file is ignored if SYNONYM_FILE is specified
  • used in sub-term only (no synonym substitution)
  • /Projects/STMT/stmt${YEAR}/data/tables/
  • data/tables/
LVG_CONFIG_FILEthe absolute path of lvg config file
  • /Projects/STMT/stmt${YEAR}/data/Config/
  • /Projects/LVG/lvg2012/data/config/
VERBOSE_FLAGa verbose flag to show loading status
  • true
  • false
VERBOSE_LINE_NUMthe line number of showing table loading status
  • 100000 (default)
  • used for showing the status of loading mapping table records
Database Variables
DB_DRIVERthe JDBC driver
  • org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
  • jdbc:hsqldb:
DB_DIRthe HSqlDb data directory
  • data/HSqlDb/
DB_NAMEdatabase name for Stmt
  • 2013: stmt2011AB (default: 2011 Lexicon and 2011AB Metathesaurus)
  • 2014: stmt2014AB (default: 2014 Lexicon and 2014AB Metathesaurus)
  • changed for other version of lexicon and Methathesaurus

II. Syntax

  • comment lines begin with "#".
  • variable=value: set value to variable

III. Files

  • ${STMT_DIR}/data/Config/
  • ${STMT_DIR}/data/Config/
  • ${STMT_DIR}/data/Config/

  • ${STMT_DIR}/data/Config/

Notes: The STMT installation program generates above four configuration files in ${STMT_DIR}/data/Config/ automatically (from ${STMT_DIR}/data/Config/*.properties.TEMPLATE) according to options users chose during the installation.