Normalization Tool (nt)


Nt (Normalization Tool) is used in STMT to normalize terms before mapping. Three normalization (applies Lexical Tools) are provided:

Set Up

Follow the installation instructions to install and run the nt program. Check on the following items only if you don't use the provided script to install Sub-Term Mapping Tools.

    1. include the STMT distribution jar file, ${STMT_DIR}/lib/stmt${YEAR}dist.jar, in your CLASSPATH.
    2. include the stmt top directory in your CLASSPATH.

  • Configuration File: assign the full path of the top directory of stmt${YEAR} to a variable named ROOT_DIR in the configuration file, data/Config/

  • Lvg Configuration File: set the lvg configuration file (LVG_CONFIG_FILE) to the default (data/Config/ or your installed lvg directory in the stmt configuration file.

Test Run


Free text (a word or term)


Normalization results of the input term


Please refer to design document