Synonym Mapping Tool (smt)


Smt (Synonym Mapping Tool) applies STMT APIs with a preloaded corpus (UMLS-Core Synonyms) to find:

Set Up

Follow the installation instructions to install and run the smt program. Check on the following items only if you don't use the provided script to install Sub-Term Mapping Tools.

    1. include the STMT distribution jar file, ${STMT_DIR}/lib/stmt${YEAR}dist.jar, in your CLASSPATH.
    2. include the stmt top directory in your CLASSPATH.

  • Configuration File: assign the full path of the top directory of stmt${YEAR} to a variable named ROOT_DIR in the configuration file, data/Config/

  • Lvg Configuration File: set the lvg configuration file (LVG_CONFIG_FILE) to the default (data/Config/ or your installed lvg directory in the smt configuration file.

Test Run


Free text (a word or term)


Normalized term with CUI, Number of synonym substitution, and preferred term

Input TermNormalized TermCUIPreferred term Number of synonym substitution


Please refer to design document