Project Acronyms

This project involves lots of terms. A table of all projects used terms and acronyms is careated for both communication and naming convention in coding purpose.

AcronymTermData typeNotes
AbAbstractStringFrom PubMed citation
DaDate createdStringFrom PubMed citationnbsp;
Dcdocument countint 
Dsdocument scorefloat 
Jdjournal descriptorString 
JdIdjournal descriptor IDStringJD011
JdIndexjournal descriptor indexString10
JdNamejournal descriptor nameStringBehavior
JdObjjournal descriptor Java objectJdObj 
JidNLM Journal unique IdStringFrom PubMed citationnbsp;
MhMesh headings (terms)StringFrom PubMed citationnbsp;
PmidPubMed Unique Identifier StringAlso known as Ui, from PubMed citation
RnRegistry NumbersStringFrom PubMed citationnbsp;
ShMesh SubheadingsStringFrom PubMed citationnbsp;
ShAbbrMesh Subheadings abbreviationStringan
ShShortMesh Subheadings short nameStringanal
ShNameMesh Subheadings nameStringanalysis
StSemantic TypeString 
StAbbrSemantic Type abbreviationStringanim
StIdSemantic Type Idint7
StNameSemantic Type nameStringAnimal
StObjSemantic Type Java objectStObj 
TaJournal title abbreviationStringFrom PubMed citationnbsp;
TiTitleStringFrom PubMed citation
Wcword countint 
Wsword scorefloat