St-Documents Enhancement Approach and Results

We used the latest TC version (2008) as the baseline and applied algorithm discussed in the previous section to find the best St-Documents. Bellows are the detail approach and results:

I. Test Suite Setup
To generate and refine St-Documents, integrate into TC package, and run the WSD test is a complicated and tedious processes. A test suite on the WSD test was developed to easy the process. The test suite is summarized as follows:

II. Approach

III. Results - Best St-Documents
As a conclusion, by applying weighted frequency, prioritize St-Groups and STRI filter to obtain an optimum St-Documents and improve the average precision on WSD test from 73.67% (baseline) to 78.40% (optimum St-Documents). The final optimum St-Documents are obtained by the following rules:

The next section will discussed the design and improvement on the WSD tool to easy the usage of this tool and reach even high precision on WSD test.