TC Package - Overnight Build Procedures

This page describes standard procedures for building Text Categorization tools package. No new set of training data or Database are involved in this procedure.

  • Procedures
    • shell> cd ${TC_DIR}
      Go to the top directory of TC
    • shell> ant build
  • Options
    • shell> ant clean
      delete classes
    • shell> ant cleanApi
      delete ./lib/tc${YEAR}api.jar
    • shell> ant cleanDist
      delete ./lib/tc${YEAR}dist.jar
    • shell> ant cleanLite
      delete ./lib/tc${YEAR}lite.tgz
    • shell> ant cleanInst
      delete install classes and jar files
    • shell> ant cleanEx
      delete examples classes and jar files

    • shell> ant
      compile, jar (default)
    • shell> ant dev
      cleanApi, compile, jar
    • shell> ant build
      cleanApi, compile, jar, javadoc
    • shell> ant release

    • shell> ant install
      build install programs
    • shell> ant examples
      build examples programs
    • shell> ant javadoc
      build javadoc

    • shell> ant compile
      build classes
    • shell> ant api
      build ./lib/tc${YEAR}api.jar
    • shell> ant dist
      build ./lib/tc${YEAR}dist.jar
    • shell> ant lite
      build ./lib/tc${YEAR}lite.tgz