Pre-Process: Jid-Ta-Jds

  • Description:
    This file includes the information of Journal Id (JID), Journal title (TA), and the associated Journal Descriptors (JDs) from List of Serials Indexed file lsi${YEAR}.xml. It was originally manually maintained by NLM and Susanne in 2004 training set. It was static and provided by Susanne as "". In the Java 2007 release, we derived this file from List of Serials Indexed file, lsi2006.xml. We use lsi2007.xml for the 2008 release.

  • Input:
    • By NLM:

  • Java File & Algorithm:
      • parse lsi.xml file
      • Find xml tag <NlmUniqueID> for Journal ID, JID
      • Find xml tag <MedlineTA> for Journal Title, TA
      • Find xml tag <BroadJournalHeading> for Journal Descriptors, JDs
      • Find xml tag <BroadJournalHeadingList> for the begining of JDs
      • print out information in the new format to file: jidTaJds.out
    • perform unique sort on jidTaJds.out to get jidTaJds.txt (sort -u jidTaJds.out > jidTaJds.txt)

  • Output File:
    • jidTaJds.txt, used in TC.MLT
      JIDTAJD 1JD 2...

  • Notes:
    • None