This file includes the information between Journal Id (JID) and the associated Journal Descriptors (JDs). It's manully maintained by NLM and Susanne. Currently, it is static and provided by Susanne ( jid-ta-jd.im.20031201.mod.fixed.l). However, we plan to use the one in XML format provided by NLM ( lsi2006.xml).

II. Process

  • Description:
    Read in JidJds file and assign data to Java objects, JidJds.

  • Inputs:
    The format of this file, jidJd.out
    JIDTAJD 1JD 2...

  • Java Files:
    • JidJd.java
    • JidJds.java

  • Algorithm:
    • Read in file and save JID-JDs into Java objects, JID-JDs