Output Filter

The Text Categorization tools (JDI, STI, STRI) send the output in rank, JD/ST scores with JD/ST names in the order of descending score valve. An Output filter is provided for following features:

  • Display outputs in cluster:
    This feature displays results in a cluster for the ease to group different level of JD/ST scores. Users could define the range of the cluster.

  • Display only in specified JD/ST candidates:
    This feature is used to display results only in the specified JD or ST candidates. It is very useful in applications of Word Sense Disambiguation and indexing.

  • Display details of output filter options:
    This feature is mainly used for debugging purpose. It allows users to see what options are set in the output filter.

  • Display no output message:
    This feature displays a configurable no output message when there is no output.

  • Specify the number of output score entries:
    This feature displays the JD or ST score entries by the number specified. If not specified, the default number is 10. Users can also use "all" to display all JD or ST score entries.

  • Specify the round off decimals in the JD or ST scores:
    This feature displays the JD/ST scores in the specified decimals. The default decimals are 7, 4, 7 for JDI, STI, and STRI, respectively.

  • Specify the overall result type to document count or word count.
    This feature displays the overall result type by the type specified. If not specified, the default overall result type is document count.