Symantic Types

Semantic Types (STs) are a set of 135 (128 used in STI) categories in the Semantic Network in NLM's Unified Medical Language System. Concepts in the UMLS Metathesaurus are assigned one or more STs which form an "isa" link from the concept to the ST. For example, the Metathesaurus concept Aspirin is assigned the STs Pharmacologic Substance and Organic Chemical.

  • Description:

    This Java class is to read in Semantic Types from a file and load to a Java Object. This Java object provides conversion between index, full names, and abbreviation for Semantic Types.

  • Inputs:
    • The format of this file, sts.txt, is:
      IndexAbbreviationFull Name

  • Java Files:

  • Algorithm:
    • Read in file and save Semantic Types into Java Objects, SemanticTypes.