Project Acronyms

This project involves lots of terms. A table of all projects used terms and acronyms are created for both communication and naming convention in coding purpose.

AcronymTermData typeNotes
AbAbstractStringFrom PubMed citation
DaDate createdStringFrom PubMed citation
Dcdocument countint 
Dsdocument scorefloat 
Jdjournal descriptorString 
JdIdjournal descriptor IDStringJD011
JdIndexjournal descriptor indexString10
JdNamejournal descriptor nameStringBehavior
JdObjjournal descriptor Java objectJdObj 
JidNLM Journal unique IdStringFrom PubMed citation
MhMesh headings (terms)StringFrom PubMed citation
PmidPubMed Unique Identifier StringAlso known as Ui, from PubMed citation
RnRegistry NumbersStringFrom PubMed citation
ShMesh SubheadingsStringFrom PubMed citation
ShAbbrMesh Subheadings abbreviationStringan
ShShortMesh Subheadings short nameStringanal
ShNameMesh Subheadings nameStringanalysis
StSemantic TypeString 
StAbbrSemantic Type abbreviationStringanim
StIdSemantic Type Idint7
StNameSemantic Type nameStringAnimal
StObjSemantic Type Java objectStObj 
TaJournal title abbreviationStringFrom PubMed citation
TiTitleStringFrom PubMed citation
Wcword countint 
Wsword scorefloat