Installation Package

This TC Java package installs the Text Categorization software as follows:


  • bin: installation scripts for Unix, Linux, and Window
  • build.xml: used by ant to compile
  • classes: Java classes
  • lib: Java jar files
  • Msg: template files for text message
  • Notes: technical notes for the installation package
  • ReadMe.txt: notes for users to install TC
  • sources: java source codes


  • Go to the root directory of the TC, ${TC_DIR}
  • >./install/bin/install_{OS}
    • Install JRE
    • Generate configuration file, ${TC_DIR}/data/Config/
    • Generate script programs
    • Verify the installation

Shell Scripts:

  • installation script on Linux
  • install_win.bat: installation script on PC platform
  • installation testing script on Linux

Java Class:

  • all parameters (need to be modified for a new yearly release).
  • returns rootDir_, classPath, etc..
  • main program for installing TC
  • create mlt, jdi, sti, stri, stWsd scripts
  • Verify installation by comparing results

Yearly Update:

  • build.xml
  • bin/install_*
  • sources/gov/nih/nlm/nls/tc/install/Setup/