Configuration Setup

TC Java provides users choices of setting up different options through the configuration file. The default configuration file is ${TC_DIR}/data/config/ The variables used in the configuration file are listed in the following table. "Relative path" refers to the path relative to TC top directory, ${ROOT_DIR}.

I. Configuration variables

Variable NamesExplanations Variable Values (Default)
Directories and files
ROOT_DIR the absolute path of the text categorization tool directory
  • /Projects/TC/tc2011
  • d:/Projects/TC/tc2011/
DATA_DIRthe relative path of TC data directory
  • data/
  • data.2010/
  • data.2009/
  • data.2008/
  • data.2007/
DB_DIRthe relative path of TC database directory
  • HSqlDb/
JD_FILEthe relative path of the Journal Descriptors file
  • Jdi/jds.txt
CONTRACTIONS_FILEthe relative path of the contractions file
  • Jdi/data/Jdi/contractions.txt
SUB_HEADINGS_FILEthe relative path of the MeShs file
  • Jdi/shs.txt
STOP_WORDS_FILEthe relative path of the stopwords file
  • Jdi/stopWords.txt
RESTRICT_WORDS_FILEthe relative path of the restrictwords file
  • Jdi/restrictWordsWSignal.txt
WORD_SIGNAL_WC_DC_FILEthe relative path of word-Signal-wc-dc file
  • Jdi/wordSignalWcDcGt1.tx
ST_FILEthe relative path of the Semantic Types file
  • Sti/sts.txt
ST_JD_FILEthe relative path of the St-Jd table file
  • Stri/stJdTable.txt
JID_TA_JDS_FILEthe relative path of JID_TA_JDS file
  • Jdi/jidTaJds.txt
  • org.hsqldb.jdbcDrive
DB_URLHSqlDb JDBC URL and connection string
  • jdbc:hsqldb:
DB_NAMEdatabase name for Tc
  • tc2011
Other Variables
NO_OUTPUT_MSGa string indicating no output
  • -No Score-

II. Syntax

  • # -- comment lines begin with "#".
  • variable=value: set variable to value

III. File Location

  • default: data/Config/
  • may be specified by command line option -x:file_absolute_path

Notes: The tc installation program generates data/config/ automatically (from data/Config/ according to options users chose during the installation.