Release Notes

These release notes summarize main requirements, new enhanced features, and fixed bugs for the most recent releases of Visual Tagging Tool Java.

Version 2010

The 2010 release is the 2nd version of the Java Visual Tagging Tool. The main features are described as follows:

  • Visual Tagging Tool:
    • JRE 1.6.0_18
    • Save, open, and print VTT files
    • Import, save tags configuration file
    • Configurable VTT configuration
    • Documents and supports
  • Text:
    • Change styles of text
    • Change color of highlight text (foreground) and background
    • Search function
  • Tags:
    • Add, delete, and edit tags
    • Order arrange on tag list
    • Editable visual styles of tags
    • Display filter
    • Quick keys mapping assignment
    • Save and import tags to/from files
  • Markups:
    • Add, delete, edit, join, and view markups
    • Undo and redo markup operations
    • Real-time log information of all markups
    • A statistics report of all markups by tags
    • Various easy ways to select a markup
    • Various easy ways to browse through markups
  • Other options:
    • Selection of GUI look and feel
    • Zoom in/out
    • Find a term
    • Line wrapping
    • Show status
    • Compare difference between two VTT files
    • Check VTT files (VttCheck)