What is new?

The Visual Tagging Tool (2010) is developed in Java (Swing) 1.6. Many major design changes and feature enhancements are completed from the VTT-2008 (NLM internal release) and are described as follows:

Major Design Changes

  • Add category field to Tag object
  • Complete OO design and implementation on VTT to provide VTT Java APIs
  • One VTT application to open multiple VTT files simultaneously
  • VTT file format
    • Tags
      • New header for tags (add Category)
      • Add tag category to the 2nd field for each Tag object
    • Markups
      • New header for tags (add TagCategory)
      • Add tag category to the 4th field for each Markup object

Feature Enhancements

  • Package
    • JRE, 1.6.0_18
  • New features
    • Compare difference between two VTT files
    • Automatically adjustment on font size to fit print out to 1 line
    • Zoom in/out feature for global viewing factor
    • Complete check on VTT format and data in input files with message dialog boxes
    • New design of find a term dialog box
    • Create a new VTT window for opening a VTT file
    • Line wrapping feature
    • New implementation for tags related GUI components (adding category)
    • New feature of quick key mapping assignment for tags
    • New implementation for markups related GUI components to be non-modal
    • New implementation for markups related GUI components with real-time updates
    • Undo/redo operations on markup join operations
    • New features to sort tags in tag list alphabetically
    • Fully dispose all GUI objects when exit the VTT application
    • New implementation of VTT menu bar and popup menu
    • Updated user documents and tutorial
    • Provide vttCheck to check VTT files