About Visual Tagging Tool

Visual Tagging Tool (VTT) is a tool allows users to mark tags on text and visualize different styles on tagged text. Visual styles are defined in tags and configurable by users including:

  • Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Font family and size
  • Text color and background color

VTT includes three major software components and the associated functions are described as follows:

  • Text:
    Text is the plain text before any tags are marked. Text is considered as raw data and can be read in to VTT. VTT provides following features on text:
    • Change styles of text
    • Change color of highlight text (foreground) and background
    • Search function
  • Tags:
    Tags are used to mark text and display tagged text according to its defined style. VTT provides following features on tags:
    • Add, delete, and edit tags
    • Order arrange on tag list
    • Editable visual styles of tags
    • Display filter
    • Quick keys mapping assignment
    • Save and import tags to/from files
  • Markups:
    Markups are the information of user's marked tags on text. This information includes start position, length, tag name, tag category, annotation, and tagged text (automatically performed by VTT). VTT provides following features on markups:
    • Add, delete, edit, join, and view markups
    • Undo and redo markup operations
    • Real-time log information of all markups
    • A statistics report of all markups categorized by tags
    • Various easy ways to select a markup
    • Various easy ways to browse through markups

In addition, VTT provide following features:

  • Save, open, and print VTT files
  • Configurable VTT configuration
  • Documents and supports