Frequently Asked Questions

(Please read before asking a question)

  • How can I ask a question?
    See Contact Us

  • I can't install VTT successfully?
    One of the most common mistakes is that users install VTT from the wrong directory. Make sure to run the VTT installation script from the top directory of ${VTT_DIR}. Please refer to installation instruction for details.

  • Can I install VTT to Mac (other than Linux and MS Windows)?
    Yes, it requires manual installation

  • What VTT version or build am I running?
    • Version and Build information:
      click [Help -> About] from VTT menu bar, it shows you the VTT version and build information
    • Build Information:
      Check files of "build.txt" and "version.txt" under ${VTT_DIR}/data/ to find build information

  • Can I change the default VTT files directory?
    Yes, you will need to change the "VTT_FILE_DIR" in the VTT configuration file (${VTT_DIR}/data/config/ Please refer to VTT configuration setup for details.

  • Can I check a VTT file without open VTT?
    Yes, you may use:

  • How can I open a VTT file with double click on PC?
    There are several ways to do this. On PC, the easiest way is:
    • Right-click the VTT file (with vtt file extension) you are going to open
    • Click Properties
    • Press "Change" button on open with
    • Select the name of program