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The SPECIALIST POS Tagger: dTagger

The dTagger is a Part of Speech (POS) tagger. A POS tagger assigns part of speech tags such as noun, adjective, adverb to sentences. Such tag assignments are a needed component to determining phrase boundaries and head assignment. The dTagger includes the following features: It can tokenize text into single or multi-word terms. It is built specifically for use with the SPECIALIST Lexicon. A default trained model is included, trained on a set of annotated MEDLINE abstracts in the genomics field, (the MedPost corpus). The trainer and updater programs are included to allow the creation of new trained models. Models can be updated with lots of untagged text. Can be trained with just untagged text, if need be. The dTagger is an open source resource and is freely available subject to these terms and conditions.

Please note the latest version of this project was developed in Java 1.4, Linux, 2006. There is no further development since 2006 due to limited resource in our organization. It can be used "as is" with limited supports. Sorry for causing any inconvenience!